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Parenting Programs

Intercept offers a continuum of parenting programs to meet the unique needs of families. Services range from basic training to clinical interventions, utilizing strength based approaches and evidence based curriculums. Intercept’s parenting programs provide support and training to kinship care, biological families or foster families during every stage of parenting.

Focus Areas:

  • Basic Training
  • Nurturing and Attachment
  • Child Care and Safety
  • Child Growth and Development
  • Positive Discipline
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Parental and Family Resilience

Raising Our Children (ROC)

Raising Our Children (ROC) is a home based and group service for parents and caregivers that provides the framework and tools necessary to support families and enhance the development of protective facors in the home.  ROC provides clinical interventions and utilizes the Nurturing Parent Curriculum, and evidence based practice.

Goals of ROC:
  • Develop and maintain a nurturing relationship with their child
  • Build confidence in ability to effectively raise their child
  • Help to repair parent-child relationship
  • Improve communication and problem solving skills
  • Help to develop routines to support their child
  • Improve family dynamics.
Types of ROC:

Transition: Addresses the unique challenges of families with children placed in congregate care.Parents learn skills and routines to support their child’s successful transition home.

Reunification: Provides support and intervention for parents and families whose children are to be placed back in their care. Parents learn ways to repair relationships and develop secure interactions through hands on coaching and modeling.

Prevention: Fosters a nurturing and attached relationship between parent(s) and child in the home. Parents build confidence in their own abilities to effectively raise their children.

Aftercare: When a child returns to their home, Aftercare focuses on supporting parents and incorporating the skills they have learned in either Reunification or Transition. Aftercare also serves as a stable transitional support as the parent(s), family and child readjust in the home.

Specialized Track for Adoptive Parents:

Adoptive families face unique challenges. Counselors explore the beliefs and expectations surrounding the adoption and facilitate the process of integrating the adopted child into the family.This track can be incorporated into Prevention, Reunification, Transition and Aftercare.

Optional Services and Assessments

Supervised Visitation: Staff ensure the physical and emotional safety of the child/children during planned visitation with biological family members.

Supervised Clinical Observation: Counselors ensure the physical and emotional safety of child/children participating in planned visitation with biological family members.Counselors make clinical observations of parent and child interaction, related to the parent’s understanding of child development, behavioral capacity, parenting style, bonding and attachment.

Adult-Adolescent Parenting Inventory: Assesses parenting and child rearing attitudes and provides an index of risky behaviors known to contribute to child abuse and neglect.

Nurturing Skills Competency Scale: A comprehensive criterion referenced measure used to assess changes in family life, knowledge and utilization of the Nurturing Parenting practices.


Parenting Skills For Life

Parenting Skills for Life is a home-based service for parents or caregivers who are in need of practical parenting skills.

Focus Areas:
  • Develop healthy family cooking
  • Improve household chores
  • Develop a family budget
  • Connect families with community resources and support groups
  • Improve communication skills
  • Promotes reunification


"“The overall impact of Intercept’s services are immeasurable” "
— Piedmont Region

Did You Know?

Intercept offers a full array of services, which can be molded to fit the needs of each individual